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Website Audit for Greek Businesses : 21 points test

As an initial step of evaluating an already existing Website, we consider a “clinical examination” necessary ….or you may as well see it as an attempt to put it right under our Microscope. So, if that is what we want to do, below you’ll watch a VIDEO presenting the 21 basic points we’d examine :

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Management doesn’t have to be a tough task : “eating the elephant”.

There is a joke I always love to use when I train my new sales team, or when I want to help my associates get the picture of my project’s execution strategy. -How can we eat an elephant? -Bite after bite. Management is all about well-organized and planned bite after bite procedure towards achieving the […]

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Dynamic Marketing never fails: 7 Techniques that push sales to the ceiling!

What most of us dealing with Marketing usually forget is that Marketing is about covering needs , people’s needs. Therefore Marketing is a human-centered procedure and being such we can’t perform successfully unless we get in our customers’ shoes. Big truths are based on SIMPLE FACTS and Marketing’s simple facts are three: * More clients […]

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