We Love What We're Doing and That's Why Our Clients Love Us...

We are a TEAM of young people who share the same passion for the Internet Marketing and Social Media Management.

With talented designers and brilliant programmers, passionate communicators and ingenius developers, our Group is proud to be consisted of STARS from allover the world, as well as from Greece.

We breathe the web, drink the web, eat the web, dream the web and ride its waves living for the very next challenge that will take our Projects and those of our Clients to the TOP.

We believe in trackable numbers, metrics and facts.  We love our stats and graphs, because there is no better decision than the DATA DRIVEN one, and such are the decisions we like to make on our Clients’ behalf…

Web-Marketing and Social Media are slowly showing up to the everyday reality of the Greek Businesses, and more entrepreneurs come to realize their magnitude and massive social impact.

Soon our neighbor’s dog will setup his own TWITTER Account, because Microblogging suits better his “communication needs” than FACEBOOK 🙂  But before that happens, lets jump on the train of the WEB 3.0 and build our Brands, connect with our clients, improve our products or services and maximize our profitability.

Giants like HEWLETT-PACKARD, DELL and others, recently made a major turn to Social Media, relying their Marketing Campaigns heavily on the new Web-Status Communication Platforms, asking for more TWITTER Followers, FACEBOOK Page “likes” etc instead of looking for direct traffic to their sites per se.

The last President of the United States is a Social Media Success in terms of Web-Marketing, and so is the extreme Lady Gaga, who started building her Brand solely on Social Media before her campaigns became a viral global storm.

Web is here to stay, Greek Businesses will have to familiarize themselves with the Virtual Marketplace where New Clients come from  and we hope we’ll have the chance and joy to brainstorm with you next,  help you design your Campaigns and Offers effectively and make your Online Business Presence a Living Projection of your wildest success dreams…

Dr S. Stavropoulou

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