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The Anatomy of a Successful E-Shop

Αν αναρωτιέστε ποια είναι τα Βασικά Στοιχεία στησίματος ενός Επιτυχημένου E-Shop, στο VIDEO που ακολουθεί σας τα παρουσιάζουμε και τα αναλύουμε με τρόπο που θα σας βοηθήσει είτε να στήσετε μόνοι σας το E-Shop σας, είτε να καθοδηγήσετε αποτελεσματικά αυτούς που θα σας το στήσουν. Αν πάλι θα προτιμούσατε να εκμεταλευτείτε την Ειδική Προσφορά μας […]

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Make Visitors Happy…

    Search Engine Optimization sounds so  Super-Wow-Out-Of-This-Planet-Science I couldn’t resist the temptation of demystifying it a bit here, for the sake of my close friends and clients  -yes, I’m talking about YOU Michael-  who have the guts to test the waters of Internet Marketing  being over the age of 18 ….how dare you?  You’re […]

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Brand Power: Known for The Right Reason or Just Known?

Most of life’s and business’s axioms are unbelievably simple and self-explanatory, but our innate tendency to complicate instead of simplifying, makes us blind to the obvious. BRAND is by definition our business’s “identity” as it is perceived by the world.  Our BRAND is supposed to convey all we stand for in terms of quality of […]

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Domain Name : Your Unique Internet Address…Your Web-Home

While Browsing various Magazines every other day, I keep noticing at the footers of the Ads placed inside, how disoriented, poorly chosen or totally counterproductive the Domain Names of the Advertisers’ Businesses are. And I couldn’t help but share my opinions here with you, nomatter if you are an individual, a medium-sized business or a […]

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