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Put Your Site under The Microscope

Americans say that modern man hates thinking.  And that’s a statistically backed up fact.  Most people are terrified by the thought of ….thinking for themselves.  They’d rather have someone else do all the thinking on their behalf.  And practically the majority of Service Providing Professions do exactly that. They think on behalf of their clients. […]

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How Mine Is My Client?

Who said that Internet Marketing is a walk in the park?   And how many have promised you to master it in a couple of weeks or months?  For God’s sake, use your common sense. With a bit of common sense, and a lot of mistakes in my portfolio – I guess they give me a […]

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Client’s Emotions

A secret most of world’s TOP Copywriters know is that when we buy emotions are always put ahead of logic.  We buy with our heart not our brain.   So whenever we talk about Sales and Marketing, in any field, any aspect scale or dimension, EMOTIONS rule.   We’ve got to dig and find the […]

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