Dynamic Marketing Triad !

Dynamic Marketing never fails: 7 Techniques that push sales to the ceiling!

What most of us dealing with Marketing usually forget is that Marketing is about covering needs , people’s needs. Therefore Marketing is a human-centered procedure and being such we can’t perform successfully unless we get in our customers’ shoes.

Big truths are based on SIMPLE FACTS and Marketing’s simple facts are three:

* More clients
* More sales
* More often

This Article is about Dynamic Marketing in General, aiming to present the basics that can be applied both online and offline offering you great results. But of course we’ll soon publish more specialized articles, focusing on Internet Marketing applications or case studies from Traditional Marketing world giving examples and step by step instructions that will make things easier for you.

DYNAMIC MARKETING is about an active procedure which presupposes that both ends are active : the Marketer and the Client. But lets put all this in an easy to understand sequence.

To Get more clients is one of a Marketer’s major tasks and priorities.

TECHNIQUE #1 : Find where your “target group” lives, passes by, entertain themselves, get together etc. This is the LOCATING YOUR CLIENTS technique. Don’t attempt to post an ad or plan a major Advertising Campaign , before you actually LOCATE your potential prospects. To find them you have to think backwards from the moment they come to buy your product or pay for your service. And thinking backwards try to be as down to earth as possible. Avoid using “sterilized” thinking, revolving around your own interests or your own way of seeing your product or service. Become an independent and objective judge to your own product or service. Think as an uninformed potential buyer, and try to see things from that buyer’s perspective.

TECHNIQUE #2 : Build NETWORKS. The exponential power of NETWORKS is enormous when your strategy is well organized so that everyone’s contribution can be tracked back and appreciated automatically. In the online world this is the Pure Magic an ARMY OF AFFILIATES can do for you and your products, services or systems. In the offline world you can quite effectively build your “downline” in terms of effective Multilevel Marketing provided you have an honest and effective compensation plan for your network’s members. As Paul Getty had once quoted :”I’d rather have 1% profit of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own efforts only.”

TECHNIQUE #3 : The SYNERGIES. Establish JOINT VENTURE PARTNERSHIPS. The Philosophy behind this extremely and explosively powerful method is that if you COMBINE your efforts and initiatives with another PARTNER who appeals to the same TARGET GROUP as you, the results exceed the SUM of your individual Dynamics multiplying your effect and leading to a MOMENTUM where both of you can benefit from each one for different reasons and in different ways. For instance, Partner A offers added value -which enhances the Return On Investment of the products or services- to Partner’s B clients, while Partner B offers his Brand Awareness to Partner A who gets more clients. Partner A gets more clients, Partner B gets his clients more satisfied therefore strengthening their bonds with his Company.

To Get more sales done is the second of the three major Marketing’s tasks .

TECHNIQUE #4 : Organized PACKAGES. Offers, discounts, privileges. All you have to use is a bit of Common Sense, to realize what flatters, satisfies, triggers, interests, amazes, compliments, serves, pampers, your Client. What everybody craves for is appreciation and the sense that is important. By giving your clients something more than what they’ve paid for, you multiply your sales and you build trust which is the most precious asset your business will ever have. If they’re interested in product A maybe product B could offer them a better experience, satisfy them more, add effectiveness to product A, etc.

TECHNIQUE #5 : INDIRECT SALES. Of course it’s not bad to create your own sales team and go for the big sales figures. And of course you can as well do it all yourself…the tough way. What we would suggest in case of products, is that you should try and create a wholesalers NETWORK and use them as your sales’ vehicle multiplying your sales and your profits.

TECHNIQUE #6 : GIFTS. Everybody loves gifts. Your product or service, might be the IDEAL GIFT for the already broad and well established clientele of another Company who belongs to the same Industry as you are, or who appeals to the same Target Group as you. If you think creatively enough to see what idea hides behind this technique , this technique alone might give you a SUCCESS you’ve never ever dreamed of.

To Get your clients coming back again and again buying from you, is what we call “back end” sales, and is the LAST but not LEAST of Marketing’s tasks.

TECHNIQUE #7 : FOLLOW UP. This is totally based on effective and systematic after sales service or after sales communication with your clients’ database. After all the key to DOMINATE your Market, any Market, is to get to know your clients outside in and inside out more than anyone of your competitors does. You can easily apply this since you already have established a broad clientele so far. Keep their most valuable info collected, categorized, evaluated and give them the constant stimulus that they will find useful and valuable. This way you’ll generate a steady and recurring Income Stream by repeatedly coming back customers.

I hope my DYNAMIC MARKETING approach with its 7 techniques will make you a HAPPIER MARKETER and your clients HAPPIER with your products or services.

Sofia Stavropoulou - Web-Business Developer, Web-Publisher, Social Media Manager.

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