How To Become a Blogger : Lesson 1

How To Become a Blogger : Training Esther – Lesson 1

It all began when Esther, my best friend, asked me how she could learn to build her own site, and even make a small source of income out of it, since she’s staying at home all day taking care of her 2,5 years old little daughter, Zoe.

Becoming a Full-Time Blogger is not easy. It requires a lot of determination, discipline, hard work and true love for the main topic you’ll be Blogging about. The generated income from this activity, can be dauntingly tiny at the beginning, but with cosistency and persistence, you can literally capitalize on Internet’s Potential to reward your efforts with an astounding exponential growth. To reach that point, you must belong to the tiny percentage of people who don’t give up at the darkest hour of the day, because they know that dawn is coming right after it.

So I decided to create a Series of VIDEO-Tutorials for her, each no longer than 5-7 minutes, taking her by the hand and explaining the step-by-step proccess one has to follow towards becoming a BLOGGER.

The Series of the VIDEOS is in Greek Language, can also be found here : and you can get them right to your mailbox by subscribing to any of our sites’ RSS Feeds through Email.

Enjoy LESSON 1

Sofia Stavropoulou - Web-Business Developer, Web-Publisher, Social Media Manager.

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