First Things First !

Seeing The Forest…

For an entrepreneur who is new to Internet Marketing, the two biggest traps are :  not being able to see the FOREST and not being able to start doing first things first.   So what we’ll try to make clear here is the way we should look at our ONLINE BUSINESS treating it as a living autonomous entity.

Based on the axiom that this entity has four dimensions, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, we’ll have to design our ONLINE BUSINESS’s Model as well as our Campaigns taking all four aspects under consideration.  The Physical Dimension is the analogue of our website’s setup,  the technical infrastructure and people behind it.  The Mental one, is about our vision, the strategic planning and its execution.  Emotional-Social Dimension is all about customer-service which we’d rather call “client’s service” because that’s what allthese precious people are to us….clients…under our protection.  Spiritual Dimension is directly linked to our Core Values, our Mission and how we communicate it.  Our Unique Selling Proposition, the way we build our BRAND, are all elements that come from the Spiritual Dimension of our Online Business.

All dimensions must expand harmonically and this has to be the result of  the meticulously orchestrated application of the 7 Principles of Success :

  • Be Proactive
  • Start having the whole picture in your mind
  • Prioritize
  • Think win-win
  • First understand , then expect to be understood
  • Go for Synergies
  • Sharpen the Saw

Each and every principle leads to a different outcome when applied on a specific  Dimension.  But what matters most is that we see the whole forest.

Sofia Stavropoulou - Web-Business Developer, Web-Publisher, Social Media Manager.

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