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The whole idea emerged from the mere fact that global crisis brought the possibility of Forex Trading closer to a massive number of Internet Users all over the world, but still there is a total chaos in terms of finding the Forex Brokers who are operating in their Geographical Region, are licensed by the Regulatory Authorities in their Country or Region and offer the package of Services that matches their needs.

Regarding the various Forex Related Sites, they mainly provide Reviews, Articles and Information which is painfully biased towards the selective promotion of the FOREX Broker they’re affiliated with, and that leaves no space for objective comparison of facts, elements and offers.

We believe that a critical approach with true real-life experiences input from traders regarding the working status of various Forex Brokers and their Platforms, can be accessed in FOREX FORUMS and there are many of them already.

What is missing, is a Professionally built Global Directory of the Forex Brokers with their full profiles and detailed info which will be handy, easily searchable and will be giving to the user all the basics “IN ONE PIECE” before they decide to visit certain Forex Brokers sites or seek Reviews.

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