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Brand Power: Known for The Right Reason or Just Known?

Most of life’s and business’s axioms are unbelievably simple and self-explanatory, but our innate tendency to complicate instead of simplifying, makes us blind to the obvious. BRAND is by definition our business’s “identity” as it is perceived by the world.  Our BRAND is supposed to convey all we stand for in terms of quality of […]

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Management doesn’t have to be a tough task : “eating the elephant”.

There is a joke I always love to use when I train my new sales team, or when I want to help my associates get the picture of my project’s execution strategy. -How can we eat an elephant? -Bite after bite. Management is all about well-organized and planned bite after bite procedure towards achieving the […]

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Put Your Site under The Microscope

Americans say that modern man hates thinking.  And that’s a statistically backed up fact.  Most people are terrified by the thought of ….thinking for themselves.  They’d rather have someone else do all the thinking on their behalf.  And practically the majority of Service Providing Professions do exactly that. They think on behalf of their clients. […]

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Seeing The Forest…

For an entrepreneur who is new to Internet Marketing, the two biggest traps are :  not being able to see the FOREST and not being able to start doing first things first.   So what we’ll try to make clear here is the way we should look at our ONLINE BUSINESS treating it as a living […]

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