Your DOMAIN Name should be so......YOU!

Domain Name : Your Unique Internet Address…Your Web-Home

While Browsing various Magazines every other day, I keep noticing at the footers of the Ads placed inside, how disoriented, poorly chosen or totally counterproductive the Domain Names of the Advertisers’ Businesses are.

And I couldn’t help but share my opinions here with you, nomatter if you are an individual, a medium-sized business or a big Corporation.  INTERNET Rules apply on all instances and they are of  imperative importance to an Online Presence’s Success.  Will never get tired of repeating myself that there is an EXACT ANALOGY between REAL ESTATE and VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE.  And just as you start by picking the proper piece of land BEFORE you build whatever you’re about to build,  your WEB-PROPERTY must sit on the right piece of WEB-LAND and that’s your Domain Name.

Although there is a huge game going on for years already and will get more fired up abroad, around .com domains and TLD’s like .net , .org etc, in our Country, Greece, there are some minor differences and some extra factors that play a significant role when it comes to Domaining.

When I asked my 14 years old son and his friends to brainstorm and give me a “catchy” .gr domain name for a Souvlatzidiko Business’s Website, which will be memorable and brandable, I was shocked to be served with the idea of :    I mean really shocked!

How many times do we stumble upon such a domain name and memorize or make a note of it? Not many. While most Domains we’re used to see are either or  (shortcut of Cooperative Bank of Tzitzikohori) and they all go un-noticed.

I’m a believer of Keywords’ Power.  And in regards to picking the right Domain Name, the Business-Owner, or the Web-Developer who is in charge of the task, should get right into the “target group’s” shoes and pick on KEYWORDS that really matter to them and are of high commercial value to the business.  Of Course there are some great BRANDS out there and they should stick with their BRAND on the Domain, but still using an alternative Keywords-Based Domain wouldn’t hurt at all.

I would advise my Clients to get into the right “mood” setting up their Web-Marketing Strategy BEFORE they even pick a Domain Name.  The thinking pattern should be something like this :

  • Who Am I appealing to?

  • Their gender?

  • Their Age?

  • Their Life-Status?

  • Their Particular “vocabulary”?

  • Their Financial Strength?

  • Their basic Mental-Models?

  • Their Desires?

  • Their Real Needs?

  • Their Priorities?

  • Their Main Concerns?

Taking these points under consideration, I would definitely start with the MAIN KEYWORD   my Market can identify with and depending on the availability of the Domains, I would “play” with suffixes or prefixes if I had no simpler option.  A Domain upon which we will build a Site appealing to teenagers will be absolutely cooler, quite extreme and up-beat compared to a Domain appealing to housewives or business people.

It goes without saying that, the Domain Name has to be as short as possible, easily memorable, and preferably brandable.

Once the right DOMAIN NAME is in place, we’re good to go with the Next Day of Creation which is the Actual Design of the Site.

Show me you’re alive by leaving your comment below. I’d love to have your input on this topic.

Sofia Stavropoulou - Web-Business Developer, Web-Publisher, Social Media Manager.

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